Advertising & Publicity Exhibitors, stay tuned as we rev up with you for the big ride.

Official Website

Official FB Page

Hashtag: #SgBike2017


Radio: Power 98FM & JIA 88.3FM
Magazines: SPIN, MotorCulture Asia, Travel Journal
Social Media: Facebook
Below-the-line: 20,000 eDMs, 2,000 VIP invitations
Outreach: 50 Motorbike groups/clubs, cyclist groups, local and regional motor associations
Lead-up Events: 9tro (motorbikes), BikeZilla (bicycles)
Newspaper Advertising, OOH Media, Sponsored ads, Blogs


On-site Advertising at SIngapore EXPO
Radio: Power 98FM & JIA 88.3FM
Live Buzz on Social Media


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